Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vodka and Skittles, a potent combination

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were born out of the love of chocolate and peanut butter. Remember the old commercials "You have peanut butter on my chocolate. You have chocolate in my peanut butter!"? Well I love Vodka and I love Skittles so why not combine them together? I got a hold of an awesome recipe for infusing Vodka with different flavoured Skittles on Twitter one day. Explained in detail and photodocumented here, it gave me the confidence to try it out. This is my attempt at making this wonderful concoction.

Vodka-infused Skittles ingredients
1.14L of Vodka (used 30 oz) I used Smirnoff but any kind will apparently do. It was recommended to stay away from the cheapest stuff I got mine was on sale.

1 lbs or 454g of Skittles I had 2 x 320g bags, more than was needed but I needed to ensure the Skittles were fresh.

Coffee Filters

1 measuring cup

5 Empty water bottles

5 containers 1 for each flavour.

5 mason jars to contain the final infusion.

The Infusion Process

1- Separate the Skittles into different colours and containers. You must sample a few of each to ensure freshness of said Skittles. It would probably be dangerous at this point to start sampling the vodka.

2- Deposit 60 Skittles of each colour in the water bottles.

60 skittles of each colour in bottles

3- Fill each bottle with 6oz of vodka. Shake vigorously. Let stand overnight so that the Skittles dissolve completely.

add the vodka to the skittles and shake vigorously

4- Now comes the filtering process. Place coffee filters (the amount of filters used may vary depending on the type of filters so play with it) on top of the measuring cup and pour the infusion in. When the filter gets full of gunk (you'll know because the vodka won't filter as quickly) just take a spoon, swish it around, remove it, and keep pouring. Repeat with each colour washing the measuring cup and changing filters between pourings or you will contaminate the flavours. I had no idea when I began this step that my place would smell like a still. I found that the filters would get clogged quickly so I twisted them slowly from the top to the bottom, helping the fluid through. I found this step to be the most labour intensive especially for the purple, green and orange as they had the most gunk in them.

vodka-skittles filtration process

5- Pour your infusions into the mason jars (you can use whatever airtight container you want) and voila!

Skittles-infused vodka final product

6- You can freeze the mixture if you are going to serve it at home. I don't recommend freezing if your intention is to give them out as gifts.

I'm calling the green-vodka mix Absolut Slytherin and dedicating it to the girls on Page394. Girls, I salute you, its absolutely deluscious!

(total cost of this experiment: $27.68 for 30oz of Vodka, $0.35 for 30 filters, 2 bags 320g Skittles $4.00, 5 mason jars $2.82, total= $34.85, enjoyment = priceless)

Other wonderful Vodka recipes, product and information:

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