Monday, September 8, 2008

Tea leaf reading...

I've always wanted to get either go to a psychic or tarot or get my tea leaves read but had never got the chance. A friend and I went this Sunday with her daughter to get our tea leaves read. It was exciting.

First of all I never really had tea with actual tea leaves, usually it is with a tea bag or chinese tea that is less "leafy". We had an enjoyable time drinking our tea but the leaves kept plugging the teapot spout.

The reader/psychic came over and told us to drink our cups then turn them over in our saucers. My friend, whose grandmother was an avid tea leaf reader, told me to turn the cup 3 times and make a wish. Hey, whatever helps the process.

So we did that and waited patiently until she was finished with the other clients in the little restaurant. The reader/psychic began immediately as she turned the cup over. Here are her predictions or reading:

1- I was going to work in my own clinic/home but I will also be working in a chiropractic office (nothing new there - that is one of my goals as a massage therapy student)

2- In 2 years I would be ready to purchase a house - I was waiting for that one, its about time I stopped renting.

3- I would meet someone through a work associate where I would either have a child or he would come with one...uh OK.

4- I apparently have 2 pets (I take care of my landlord's pet so I guess that would count as 1 but I don't have anymore unless you count the dust bunny growing under my bed). I denied this but she insisted that I have 2 pets.

5- In about 2 years I would be taking a class that is not offered often - I'm thinking it might be massage related in some way.

6- She also told me that I have an older male figure in my life like a brother or father that will become ill and that I should not fall to the temptation to become their primary care provider. One of my closest friends is older, male and has been battling cancer - I don't like this prediction one bit.

7- She finally told me that she sees car troubles. Ok she would be right about that one.

Let wait a year or two to see if these pan out.

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