Sunday, April 19, 2009

My new personal Twitter background

I enjoyed making those backgrounds below, so I thought I might as well work on one for myself. The background previous to this, was one I won for being a follower of @badasstweets. Now it was time that I flew out on my own so to speak. I love movies, so I decided to make a movie-theme one has one quite like that on Twitter so it would be original. The stock pictures used here I had for a number of years. I'll admit to having a packrat tendency for collecting pics I like, then totally forgetting about them.

I had a fun time doing the credits. I had to grab a DVD to see the way it was made and copied it. If you are interested in the font I used it's called Alien League. I had fun making up some of the names for the credits. Alot of them are names of pets belonging to different friends of mine, you may even recognize some tweeps.

To make it more realistic I decided to add the movie ratings, close caption and Dolby logos, I found online.

It took me about 2 hours to do this one just because I wanted it to look right in most resolutions. The funny part is that I'm one of those that still have a 1024 x 768 so this background isn't shown fully...oh the irony :-). Thats fine by me, other people will be able to get a kick out of it.

Oh and yes it will probably end up as a wallpaper calendar later this year.

waywardmedic's twitter background - paws off

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