Friday, June 12, 2009

Smart versus Mini Cooper

A friend and I were discussing the cars we would like to get for our travelling massage therapy businesses. She is in love with the Mini Coopers and I love Smart Cars. Problem: the size of them would make it difficult to shove folded massage tables and other equipment in them. We both agreed that when we would be going shopping, we would bring a table in with us. We would tell the salesmen that if they can find a way to fit the massage table in the cars without damaging car or table then they would have a done deal.

Have you ever seen the size of a Smart Car? The Mini is a heck of alot bigger. Well here I was wondering if someone would be able to build me a rigid carry case for massage table to fit onto the back of the Smart Car like a bike rack when I came across different styles of limousines. Yes limousines. You see they make limos from all kinds of cars now. So I went in search of the Smart Car, Mini Cooper limousines. This is what I found:

Smar Car Limousine Mini Cooper Limousine

The Smart Car looks like a can! I don't think I'll go with the Smart Car then...maybe it'll be better if I just strap the massage table to my back as I ride my motorcycle!

Some interesting links you may enjoy: 15 of the World's Strangest Limousines. home of the Smart Car. home of the Mini.

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