Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wallpaper Calendar September 2009

I can't tell if the first picture is an example of tilt-shift photography or not. In either case it is awesome so I snatched it off a stock site to create this wallpaper. Just did some cropping, no other tweaking done. The colours on the second one caught my eye. I looked at the description of where the picture was taken from and provided you with the link below. Full size of each 1920 x 1200.

For those that don't have that resolution don't worry, you can right-click, save and when you open it up as a background, select stretch instead of center and the entire calendar will show.

Toronto Wallpaper Calendar Sept 2009 Antelope Canyon Wallpaper Calendar Sept 2009

If you are interested in learning more:

Antelope Canyon,
Tilt-shift photography.
Flikr: Tilt-shift Miniature Fakes: These are all real pictures that have been altered to look like this.
tiltshiftmaker: Make your own tilt-shift picture without fiddling with photoshop.

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